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Durgotsav 2023
Download our mobile app to register


Instructions for using the app / registering for Durgotsav

1. Purpose

The goal of this mobile app is to provide better customer experience for participants of BCSofSS events. Using this app user can manage their event registration, tickets in one place also get live notifications for schedules and changes. No need to carry tickets for the events anymore. This app is very easy to use and intuitive and self-explanatory.

2. Salient Features

 As a user

  • You should be login to the app using your phone number and OTP. Only Swedish mobile number will work.

  • You should be able to register for an event and book ticket.

  • You can pay through only Swish from the app.

  • You will get live notification for the event(s) through app.

  • Your will receive QR code-based ticket in the app for events and foods.

  • You can see the latest event schedule and food menu in the app.

  • You can also check photos from gallery from previous years.

3. Platform
App is available in both google play store and Apple App store. Scan the QR code below to download and install the app from the respective store. 



4. Minimum Supported Version for Android and iOS

App only works in mobile phones, tablet not supported.

Android version 10 or later, iOS version 11 or later.

5. Steps for login (using OTP)

  1. Click on the BCS app, app will open the login window in your mobile.

  2. Enter your mobile number with country code (example +46725887045) you will receive an OTP. Enter the 6-digit OTP.

  3. You will be redirected to event registration page for the upcoming event.

  4. Click on the Register button to proceed further.


6. How the app is organized

There are three sections in the app:

  • Home Screen

    • Where you can see upcoming events, photo galleries, book tickets.

  • Tickets

    • Where you can see booked tickets along with the QR codes in my ticket section.

  • Profile

    • You can set a name and email address which will be auto filled when you book an event with us. You can log out of the application as well.​


7. Steps for registration

  1. In the upcoming event section, you will see Durgotsav 2023. Click on the Register link. You will see Registration page open with date, place, and description.

  2. Scroll down and you can see the register button. Click on the Register button. You will be directed to registration page.

  3. Select the number of adults (18+ yrs), number of youth (12-17 yrs), number of kids (5-11 yrs) and number of toddlers (0-5 yrs)  using the + sign. You can see when you click on the + sign count will increase and if you click on the – sign, count will decrease.

  4. Click Continue to select registration option. You can use Back button next to the continue button to go back to previous page. 

  5. Tickets are required only needed for adults. You will get a notification for the same. Click "I Understand" to remove the pop-up notification.

  6. To select your tickets, use the + and - buttons. You can see when you click on the + sign count will increase and if you click on the – sign, count will decrease. Only Adult needs to purchase tickets. Entry for children are free when accompanied by an adult.

  7. Click Continue to select Meal option. You can use Back button next to the continue button to go back to previous page.

  8. You need to select your meal(s) using the dropdown for each day for person who is coming. Toddlers (0-5 yrs) don’t need to pay for the food, but you must still choose a meal option for them.

  9. Now you will be moved to summary page. You can see the summary of your booking and total amount to be paid.

  10. Type in the Donation box if you want to add a donation. It will add up to the total amount payable.

  11. Click on the "Swish" button to make the payment through Swish.

  12. Once the payment is done, you will see Booking Confirmed with a link to View Ticket in the app.


Note: Above picture to represent the sequence of the flow for the registration. Other details may not match with each other.

8. Important instructions before using app.

  1. App can be only used from mobile, and tablet not supported.

  2. Only Swedish mobile phone number can be used for registration.

  3. App only supports payment through Swish.

  4. You need to enable notifications for our app to receive updates.

  5. On the registration page, please use the “Back” button with text to go back to the previous step, instead of the arrow button in the top-left corner which will take you to the home page.

  6. If app freezes, close the app by swiping up and terminating, then restart the app.

  7. We only store name, phone number, and email address for the primary contact for a limited period. Read our privacy policy for the same in the app.

  8. If you want to pay through bank transfer or other means, please contact or or any of the SPOC

Soumen Dutta (+46 70 793 01 35) – Registration

Subhasish Mandal (+46 72 351 90 60) - Food

  • Where can I see my tickets?
    1. Click Tickets in the bottom navigation bar of the app. 2. Select the ticket you would like to view and click "View Ticket"
  • How many tickets will I get after registration or food coupon?
    For each day/season ticket registered, there is one QR code which will be scanned upon arrival, along with one QR code for each meal per person which will be scanned at mealtimes. Example: 1 Adult registered with 1 Youth for 21st Oct and 22nd Oct. They brought dinner for Day 1 for all. Then total number of tickets as follows: Registration: 4 tickets Meal: 6 (2 paid Dinner, 4 included lunch) Note: You need to present the QR code to our team to validate your registration or meal coupon.
  • Do I need to select a meal even if it is included in the registration?
    Yes, even if a meal is included, you must select the meal for each person in the meal selection page, so that we can count the number of meals.
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