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The Bengali Cultural Society of South Sweden (BCSofSS) is a registered Non-Profit Organization in Helsingborg Kommun bearing registration number: 802511-1140.  

The  society was founded in September 2017 to share the love for Bengali language, art & culture, education, literature, cuisine and festivals in Sweden.


We have the vision to promote cultural exchange with other organizations and groups by sharing a slice of Bengal through our events.

The society is non-profit, non-sectarian, and non-partisan.


Our Events

Saraswati Puja

Saraswati Puja

Durga Puja

Durga Puja

Independence Day

Independence Day

Bijoya Sammilani

Bijoya Sammilani

Social Causes 



This year, the BCSofSS community celebrated Nababarsha by donating towards  FeedAFamily@COVID


We raised 10150 SEK.

In addition to this; BCSofSS members have decided to contribute 3200 SEK from the committees’ fund towards this initiative to reach the One Lakh INR goal.

10150+3200= 13350 SEK

So total 13350 SEK.


Amphan Cyclone Relief May 2020


AMPHAN came and went by, but the wreck and damage was devastating in Kolkata and in its surroundings.


As part of our effort to support the community, we raised 22000 SEK for supporting Amphan Relief in Sundarban area of Kolkata.

Thanks for your contributions.

It makes us very proud that we all come together without any hesitation and do our little bit.  

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